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Now that the Company has become multi–branded it is more important than ever to make sure that every defalcation is fully investigated and any known thieves prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We need to keep these thieves from working in our industry again — and certainly to prevent them from walking across the street and working at one of our other brands.

This is a story of the prosecution of an escrow clerk who, as reported in the April 2011 edition of Fraud Insights, stole almost $42,000 from Fidelity's escrow trust account. The amount of the defalcation was under investigation when the article was published. The staff at that office has since concluded the exact amount to be $42,950.14. The final paragraph of the story that ran in April read as follows:

After terminating the escrow clerk, the county manager and escrow administrator contacted the local police department to file a police report. They fully intend to prosecute her, both to prevent her from working in the industry again and to obtain full restitution for the money she stole.

In July 2012, the District Attorney's office made public their findings in the case through the bulletin below, proving the Company and the law does not mess around when it comes to theft no matter how big or small the amount.





These are the Company Procedures When an Employee Theft Is Discovered:

  • The employee is terminated.
  • The employee's permanent file is marked so he/she cannot be employed within the FNF Family of Companies.
  • Files are pulled for audit.
  • Local law enforcement is contacted.
  • State regulators are notified so that in some cases the employee will never again work in that particular state.
  • The Company pursues all remedies available by law to recoup the losses.
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