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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

Happy Holidays to our reward recipients (the three wise ones) and our readers! This edition has it all — from cyber–crooks to elder abuse to an inept mobile notary. You are not going to want to skip a single article.

In the story entitled "CYBER–CROOKS" find out how an astute escrow officer saved a real estate agent from a crook attempting to siphon the agent's commission by submitting falsified wire instructions.

The story entitled "ASSISTED living facility" is a sad story of elder abuse by a caregiver. If it were not for this escrow officer, the caregiver would have stolen an elder patient's money through the sale of her home — her only asset. Read all the clues that drove the escrow officer to be suspicious of the transaction and the steps she took to shut it down.

The story entitled "MOBILE notary" involves a mobile signing agent who failed to meet the most fundamental requirements for performing a notarial act: physical presence and proper identification. As a result, the closers refused to proceed with the closing of a government–owned property.

With the three rewards given out in connection with this month's edition we have rewarded $99,000 to employees and agents who have detected and prevented fraud and forgery in their own transactions. Will you be the person to get us to $100,000 in paid rewards?


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