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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

All title company personnel should be alert to red flag warnings associated with uninsured instruments. Red flags are clues to exercising the watch; wonder; wave approach. Find out what the steps truly mean by reading the article entitled "WATCH; wonder; wave" where a heroic title examiner prevented a future claim and potential bad press against the Company.

"IN the big house" is another story about a heroic title examiner and her discovery of a forged deed. This story proves the examiners at the Fidelity family of Companies are the best in the industry and truly take pride in their workmanship.

Have you checked yourself out lately? You should! Chances are somebody else is checking you out and that somebody is likely a prospective customer. Real estate agents, lenders and consumers search through Internet sites such as Google™ and Yelp to learn more about the company and its employees prior to opening their real estate transactions.

These sites provide them with a non–committal environment where they can gauge stability, quality of service and past performance without ever having to engage with you. "INTERNET search" is an article you must read if you are interested in managing your personal image and professional reputation.

This edition contains story two of twelve regarding FIRPTA nightmares. This story provides more proof that there are just some things you do not know and as a result should not try to help the customer understand. Instead direct them to a tax professional.


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