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The nature of the title insurance business requires settlement agents to be responsible for timely payoffs and delivery of packages containing non–public information. Original documents containing social security numbers, dates of birth, account numbers, loan payoffs, etc. are regularly sent overnight to and from our offices. Securing these packages is a priority, which includes ensuring the packages are delivered safely and timely.

Criminals have realized packages to and from title insurance companies often contain personal non–public information, such as loan documents. One way to protect the documents is simply by changing the sender name on the shipping label.

Rather than listing the full Company name, change the sender to reflect only the Company's initials. Below are some examples:

  • Alamo Title Company change to: ATC
  • Chicago Title Company change to: CTC
  • Fidelity National Title change to: FNT
  • Lawyer's Title Company change to: LTC
  • Ticor Title Company change to: TTC
  • Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company change to: CLTIC

It is very simple to change your profile in FedEx® or UPS® in order to ensure the shipping label reflects only your Company's initials. Follow the step–by–step instructions found in escrow tech memo #162–2014 entitled "Safety in Shipping Documents and Payments via FedEx and UPS."

When overnight packages contain time sensitive and/or non–public information, request an email notification when an exception occurs in the delivery. This way you will be notified if the package is not delivered as expected.

It is likely your online shipping profile is set to "no signature required" for outgoing packages. If so, change the default on outgoing packages containing customer's non–public information to "signature required" to ensure packages are not left on a porch or doorstep unattended.

Lastly, if you are notified of a theft or a lost package containing non–public information, follow the Privacy Incident Response Procedure in the FNF Privacy Policy:

  • Report the incident to your supervisor and the Corporate Compliance Department via or the Compliance Hotline at (855) FNF–TIPS.
  • Do not take any action without first receiving direction to do so from the Corporate Compliance Department.
  • Should notice to the consumer be required, the Corporate Compliance Department will assist you with providing this notice.


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