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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

In May 2017, we featured an ethical struggles article written by author and speaker, Jerome Mayne, a convicted real estate fraud felon. This month Jerome is contributing to Fraud Insights with the article entitled "CONSPIRACY theory or conspiracy fact?" which provides an eye–opening conclusion about the fact a conspiracy does not have to be successful or even harmful to still be illegal and immoral. The article is a must read for everyone in the real estate industry.

Probate is the legal process whereby a will is proved in a court of law to be a valid document that is the true last testament of a deceased person. After an initial probate hearing the judge will sign an Order for Probate to appoint the administrator of the estate, then the administrator has the power and legal authority to manage the estate. Read "ORDER for probate halts sale" to discover how an extraordinary title officer was able to save the Company from potential claims involving a sale property owned by two deceased people.

When notarizing a signature the notary public must be able to communicate directly with the signer in order for the signer to either swear to or affirm the contents of the affidavit or to acknowledge the execution of the document. Read "COMMUNICATING with the signer" for this month's notary–know–how tip.

Be sure to answer the monthly notary question to make certain you understand the tips shared to increase your "NOTARY know–how"!

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