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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

Marlene Osborn, Senior Escrow Officer for Chicago Title of Colorado's Louisville office, prevented a possible escrow loss and/or title claim by trusting her instincts. On March 8, 2017, Marlene received an executed purchase and sale agreement from an unfamiliar real estate agent via email. A new order was opened and Marlene initiated communication with the real estate agent. Read "INSTINCTS prevent fraud" to find out what happened next.

Title insurance policies protect the insured against forgeries. Therefore, it is imperative signers are properly identified. In most, if not all, cases identifying the signer is the responsibility of the notary. The Company and insured rely on the notary to spot a fake I.D. and understand the notary regulations. Pay close attention to the details of "FLEA market I.D."

My daughter is a college student looking to make some extra cash. She searched online for pet sitting and dog walking opportunities. She found a company website in which she could sign up to provide dog walking services, even though she does not walk her own dog. The website showed several potential customers in her vicinity needing the services of a dog walker. She sent her contact information and received an immediate response from one of the customers. The customer wanted her to walk his German Shepherd and needed her address to send a check for the equipment she would need in order to walk his dog. Read “THIS happened to my daughter” to find out more mysterious details about the scam.

In some states, a notary's employer can dictate whether a notary can acknowledge signatures during business hours for parties who are not otherwise doing business with that company, in other states the employer cannot. There are some risks involved in conducting notary acts on Company property. If the notary chooses and their manager permits this, there are a few steps which should be taken. Read "ACCOMMODATIONS" for this month's notary know–how tip.

Be sure to answer the monthly notary question to make certain you understand the tips shared to increase your "NOTARY know–how!"

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