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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

Our first article starts off with a message from former federal inmate and keynote speaker, Jerome Mayne, that reads, "...I am often referred to as the 'self–taught' expert on fraudulent behavior. You see, I don't have any formal education in the areas of fraud or ethics and no scholarly credentials to put after my name. But I did get myself involved in a white collar conspiracy back in the 1990s. I believe that qualifies for something. Read "MY thanks to you" to discover how Jerome Mayne's story has affected others and reinforced their decision to make ethical choices.

Buyers, sellers, settlement agents, 1031 exchange accommodators and lenders, are all targets. No one is immune to diverted wires scams. Settlement agents nationwide are making sure they do their part to stop the schemers from succeeding in stealing other people's money. Kenneth J. Hamel, with Norma Echarte & Associates in Miami, did his part and saved the day for one of their customers. Read "HACKERS, schemers and thieves; oh my!" for all the details.

We wrap up the series on notary–know–how with "THE dos and don'ts." The first "do" is to be sure to read this article if you are a commissioned notary or about to become a commissioned notary.

Be sure to answer the monthly notary question to make certain you understand the tips shared to increase your "NOTARY know how!"

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