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As an insurance company, we are expected to demonstrate prudent underwriting of our insurance policies. Our underwriting practices should be designed to minimize risks in order to remain fiscally sound. The Company closely monitors the types of claims paid in order to identify trends and respond with prudent underwriting practices.

The Company's first preference is to have all documents signed in the presence of an employee. The employee witnessing the signing must require the production of proper identification and personally examine it to verify the identity of the signing parties.

Even if the notary is not an employee of the Company, it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure the notary follows industry standards in conducting the signing ceremony.

However, when the principals are unable or unwilling to come to an office of the Company, a mobile signing agent may be used to conduct the signing. Bancserv is a FNF wholly–owned signing service company whose signing agents are pre–screened, tested, approved, monitored and rated based on their performance on an ongoing basis.

Through a network of thousands of qualified signing agents, Bancserv coordinates and simplifies the process of closing real estate transactions by sending a signing agent directly to an individual's home or workplace to have the documents signed, notarized and promptly returned.



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