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Settlement agents are faced with closing and insuring transactions every day where the principals are located in remote areas of the country, such as Barrow, Alaska or Supai, Arizona or Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, where finding a commissioned notary is difficult.

Luckily, the Company has a wide network of title issuing agents who can serve as the signing agent on behalf of the Company. The agency network is maintained in the Trax system.

In order to discover if a title issuing agency is in the vicinity of the principal, the settlement agent needs to send the city, state and county to and National Escrow Administration will check the database and provide the results.

If a title issuing agency is found, the settlement agent must contact the agent first to find out if they have a commissioned notary available in their office and discuss what the charge will be. Once these details are confirmed, the customer can make arrangements to go to the title issuing agent's office. It is as simple as that!



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