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It sounds odd that a signing pen could save a life, but it is the story shared by one of the Company’s best and brightest escrow officers. Her story reads like this...

A few years back, I was signing a client with our Company pen. It was October, when we put away our blue Company pens in exchange for our pink Company pens to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

During the signing, the client asked me why we had beautiful pink pens. “The color seems like an odd choice for a Company,” she said. 

When I let the client know the meaning behind the pen, she shared that it was a great reminder and she was going to call to schedule her screening right after our appointment. 

As I walked from the conference room to my office, I thought about what she said. Our pen is a great tool to get the conversation going and yet, I had skipped my appointment for the past two years. We were so busy in the office; I didn’t take the time. I immediately scheduled my screening. 

The screening appointment did not go as it usually did. I was asked to stay back and was asked to take more x-rays. Then I could leave. Then I got the call. Yes, the call. 

My cancer was found in the early stage because I took the time to get the screening. Because of a pen, because of a simple conversation. I am here today, because of a pen. 

Our Company encourages and supports us to take care of us. Please take care of you. You deserve it!

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