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By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

Many of us have a perception of what fraud is. We know company names such as Enron® or Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, where hundreds of millions of dollars were skimmed, stolen or embezzled representing fraud. But those examples are not the only types of fraud committed. Fraud is not just major news and multimillion dollar crimes. Fraud can start off small and become a slippery slope. Jerome Mayne, our contributing author, writes about the five valuable lessons he learned along the way after serving 21 months in federal prison. Read his latest article entitled "5 simple steps to an unhappier life."

A borrower calls out of the blue to open an escrow for a hard money loan from a private party. The property used as collateral is free and clear. The property is a rental. The owners live in California. The property is located in Nevada. The borrowers want a quick close so they are willing to drive from California to Nevada for the signing. Anything sound weird about this transaction? Read "ABSENTEE owner scam" to discover how the title officer uncovered a forgery after reviewing all the warnings.

In this fast paced world finding solutions for customers to sign their documents on their schedule and according to their needs is crucial. We have the pleasure to work with such a diverse group of customers. As a result, many of them need us to come to them. Some of our customers are not even in this country. Others have special needs. In all instances we need to be prepared to provide them with a signing solution to fit their needs.

National Escrow Administration is regularly asked what options are available for a signer in another country, who is blind, in another state, in prison, unable to sign their name and other issues. This year we will feature a "PROPER document execution for recording and insuring" article in each newsletter describing the options available.

Read the first of twelve articles entitled "SIGNING with a mobile signing agent" to discover signing solutions for our customers on the go.

Be sure to answer the monthly document execution question to make certain you understand the tips shared and to increase your "PROPER document execution for recording and insuring" knowledge.


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